Sustainability Workshops

TPE Consulting Engineers believe that it is very important to discuss the scope and commitment to Sustainable Design at a very early stage with the client and any other major stakeholders as their knowledge of the opportunities and advances in this area may not be clear. The ideal time for these discussions is at the very beginning of the life of the project, preferably before even the site has been chosen as the correct site can improve Sustainability and BREEAM ratings.  From their considerable experience with Sustainability issues at all stages of the life of a project, TPE Consulting Engineers have compiled a suggested Sustainability Workshop Agenda to obtain the best results possible. 


  1. Selection and Development of Sites to Promote Liveable Communities
  2. Develop Flexible Design to Enhance Building Longevity
  3. Use Natural Strategies to Protect and Restore Water Resources
  4. Improve Energy Efficiency, Insulation Standards and Solar Gain
  5. Examine Alternatives/Renewable Energy Sources
  6. Maximise the Positive Aspects of the Internal Environment
  7. Water Conservation and Recycling
  8. Use of Environmentally Friendly Building Material
  9. Extend the Sustainable Approach from the Building to the Site
  10. Reduce Reuse and Recycle