Sustainable Business Development

TPE Consulting Engineers understand and nurture the principle that Sustainable Development does not just apply to technologies but must deal with all aspects of sustainable development, Economy, Society and Environment.  TPE would approach sustainable development as a means to promote return on investment, increased productivity and reduced energy consumption by addressing all elements of a development from concept to operation.  The areas to be addressed include a life cycle approach to management and planning, energy efficiency, cut back in green house gas emissions (specifically in high rise buildings), waste management, improved transportation and non-polluting modes of transport, the safety and security of people, goods and data.  Sustainability should also encompass a healthy working and living environmental quality with mixed and social use. 

TPE Consulting Engineers see that the benefit for being at the forefront of these sustainable development principles is vital for their clients to maintain a competitive edge and attract global businesses. TPE were privileged to have a member of staff in attendance at a Summit of the World Business Districts in 2008 in Paris, France, where they saw the commitment to these principles by countries from around the world.  

Sustainable Development is an achievable goal and can reap many benefits for Business, Clients, Developers, Local Authorities, Workers and Our Environment. TPE Consulting Engineers have been involved in many developments throughout the years that were to the forefront of Sustainable Development in Ireland. Such award winning projects include Offaly, Kildare and Limerick County Council Offices, Cork Civic Office and Waterford I.T. Library. TPE are committed to the highest standards of work throughout their business and particularly in relation to Sustainability.  In this regard TPE regularly attend seminars on associated issues to maintain their commitment to closely follow the emerging technologies and practices from around the world.