Beacon Aparthotel, Dublin
Project Title:                Beacon ApartHotel
Client:                          Landmark Developments
Architect:                     Traynor O’Toole
TPE Consulting Engineers Works:Civil and Structural
Value:                          $40.3 million
Completion date:                      Autumn 2005


Project Description

Beacon Aparthotel forms part of the mixed use development known as Beacon Court, which is located in Sandyford Industrial Estate in South Dublin.  It is an 8 storey building over a double basement car park and is divided into a hotel block and an apartment block.  The hotel section is adjacent to the Beacon Private Hospital, and is operated by the Fitzpatrick hotel group.  The building is L-shaped with one wing consisting of 5,000m2 of hotel accommodation and the other wing consisting of 6,000m2 of apartment space.  There is a restaurant and bar, and conference facilities and the hotel opened in 2005. 

Civil and Structural Engineering

The site is underlain with shallow granite and this had to be excavated to allow the construction of the basements. The excavation was typically 8m deep, with some areas being 11m deep.
The podium transfer slab allowed a change from a car park grid of 7.6m x 8.0m approx to the superstructure grid, which used mass concrete structural walls on a 9.1m grid. These walls were reinforced with plastic fibres, with tie columns at certain locations. This innovative approach by TPE Consulting Engineers helped the contractor to increase his productivity to provide a better investment for our client.  

Floors consisted of precast concrete Wideslabs and screed. Steel framed bathroom pods were used, which minimised both the weight and the depth of the floor recess. The façade consisted of precast concrete panels and extensive glazing. The roof was constructed in steel, which allowed a butterfly style roof with long cantilevers at the edge.