Thomond Park Stadium, Limerick
Project Title:                        Thomond Park Rugby Stadium Limerick 
Client:                             Munster Branch Irish Rugby Football Union
Architect:                        Murray O’Laoire Architect AFL Architects
Value:                                     $50.4m
Completion date:                 2007

Project Description

PUNCH Consulting Engineers worked closely with architects Murray O’Laoire and AFL on the design of the redeveloped Thomond Park.  At a cost of €26 million, the historic Limerick venue was transformed into a 26,000 capacity stadium, doubling its original capacity.  Innovative structural engineering techniques combined with distinctive architecture were used to produce a stadium that will stand out as a proud home for Munster Rugby and a new city landmark.

Structual Features 

This 26,000 seater stadium features a 150m clear spanning roof structure. The ground enclosure and stand geometry are such that an ideal pin ended arch form would have required enormous, indeed overpowering tall massive plinths at each stand gable. The idea of combining the structural action of a truss and portal frame was developed to generate a manageable and elegant pin detail close to ground level.

Innovative Design 

An important cost-saving measure proposed by PUNCH Consulting Engineers was to procure a wind tunnel test of the stadium. While not a new technology this was the first use of wind tunnel testing for any structure in Ireland.  Results from this test allowed a reduction in static wind loading on the primary and secondary structure of approximately 30% relative to the code. This yielded significant savings on the tonnage of steel used for the roof, in addition to the reduction in the volume of concrete used to stabilise the stands.