Greenpark Racecourse Redevelopment, Limerick
Project Title:                Greenpark Redevelopment Surface Water Lagoon, Limerick
Client:                          Limerick Race Company
TPE Consulting Engineers Services:Infrastructure, Civil, Structure, Transportation
Value:                          $5 million
Completion date:                      2008


Project Description

The works included the provision of infrastructure to allow the development of 53 hectares of lands at the former Race Course at Dock Road Limerick.  This included the provision of a roundabout on the existing Dock Road (N69) and the surcharging of lands to facilitate the construction of sewers and road foundations.

The works also included the provision of watermain, foul sewers, surface water sewers and a surface water storage lagoon to accommodate adjacent lands within the Courtbrack/ Ballinacurra Catchment.  

The constructed lagoon is designed to accommodate run-off from an impermeable area of 39 hectares.  The lagoon occupies a site area of approx. 2.4 hectares and the storage volume provided is 17,700 m3 with a permanent storage volume of approx. 1000 m3.  The lagoon is designed for a 1 in 50 year rainfall event and six hours of storage.  The outfall from the lagoon is via flap valve to the Ballynaclogh River.