Beacon Medical Group

Project Title Beacon Medical Group - Co-Located Hospitals Programme
ClientBeacon Medical Group
ArchitectRKD / Traynor O’Toole Architects
TPE Consulting Engineers ServicesCivil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical
Value$700 million
Completion Date2012



Project Description

TPE Consulting Engineers are providing Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services to Beacon Medical Group (BMG) on the private development of the new Co-Located hospitals in Dublin, Limerick and Cork.  The Co-Located hospitals programme, when complete, will release approximately an additional 1,000 beds available in public hospitals around Ireland which are currently occupied by private patients. 

Civil and Structural Engineering

The new hospital blocks typically extend over five levels which includes two levels of specialist healthcare services including theatres and intensive care units, in addition to ward levels of single patient en-suite rooms which exceeds the latest recommendations for infection control in hospitals.  

The basis of design for the superstructures of the hospitals is for reinforced concrete flat slabs, supported on reinforced in-situ concrete columns over a reinforced concrete basement with a transfer slab at ground floor.  The use of flat slabs results in the depth of overall height of the structure being minimised providing a more sustainable solution for our clients. Also there is no obstruction to the passage of services along the soffit of the slab.  Steel pods are to be used for the ward bathrooms to achieve a high quality pre-fabricated system off-site.  .  

Mobility Management Plans have been undertaken at each location to emphasise the need for sustainable transport solutions.  Roads, drainage and services will be upgraded across the site complex as part of the project providing all users, existing and new, more sustainable and improved transport options.  These works will also prepare the complex for future improvements such as proposed bus corridors, integrated traffic management and new healthcare buildings in different locations across the site.

Services Engineering

TPE completed intensive services studies on the new buildings to determine optimal sustainable building solutions to minimise energy requirements over the life of the buildings.  Similar high specification services are provided throughout all three hospital locations with specialist facilities provided including:


·         Six theatres, including two Ultra Clean
·         Two Cath Labs
·         Diagnostic Suites - MRI, PET, CT Fluoroscopy, X-Ray, Mammography
·         Oncology Unit
·         ICU, NICU, CCU
·         Haematology
·         Day Procedures
·         Urgent Care Facility

·         Angiography