Limerick County Council Office Redevelopment
Project Title:                Limerick County Council Office Redevelopment
Client:                          Limerick County Council
Architect:Bucholz McEvoy Architects
TPE Consulting Engineers Services:Structural and Civil, Sustainability
Value:                          $24.6 million
Completion date:                      2003

Project Description

The new Limerick County Council Offices completed in 2003 provides over 7,000m2 of accommodation for the local authority in a purpose built state of the art facility. This low energy naturally ventilated building uses a large sided atrium to create a stack effect which draws cooler air across exposed concrete soffits and helps to regulate the internal temperature. The choice of material for each location was subjected to rigorous examination to minimise embodied energy. Every design decision was made after inputs from all members of the design team and other stakeholders were considered.

Special Features

  • Examples of how the structure of the building carried out both architectural and environmental roles include:
  • Use of a structural timber Brise Soleil to support the glazed wall of the atrium. This glazing is supported on a timber truss which is suspended from the roof and propped at ground level. In addition to providing structural support the timber trusses also provide solar shading to the atrium thus reducing solar gain.
  •  The use of long structural overhangs to the single storey elements provide significant solar shading on a glazed facade
  • Incorporation of precast concrete light shelves to the rear elevation carries out the double role of solar shading to the storey below and assists light penetration into the storey above.
  • The use of structural timber retaining walls where possible to eliminate the amount of concrete used on the project.
  • Maximising night time cooling effect with the exposed concrete slab which is sculpted to maximise the contact area while encouraging the flow of air across the soffit and providing an attractive architectural finish.